For Your Favorite Law Enforcement Officer or Firefighter

//For Your Favorite Law Enforcement Officer or Firefighter

For Your Favorite Law Enforcement Officer or Firefighter

Check out the new Slimline Pens in the Thin Blue Line and Thin Red Line. These Pens would normally sell for $35.00 each, however, since they are designed for our Public Safety Personnel I am offering them for $30.00. I can customize them with different metal trim to match the badges i.e. Rhodium (Silver), Brushed Satin (Silverish), 24K Gold, or Black Titanium (Gun Metal Looking).

Now I also have the .30 cal Bolt Action Pen in the Thin Blue Line Acrylic too for $45.00.  Add the black plastic rifle case for an additional $5.00.  Again, I’ll discount the Pen/Case combination, for Current or Retired LEOs by $5.00.

The Thin Red Line Pen shown has Rhodium Trim.  The Thin Blue Line Pen has Black Titanium Trim along with a special Eagle with Flag clip.  The special clip is an additional $5.00. I currently have the Eagle with Flag clip in Gun Metal (matches the Black Titanium), 24K gold plated, and chrome so it can match the color or the badges.

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Russ is a 60 year old man living in Middle Tennessee. He is currently employed as an over-the-road truck driver/owner-operator and has a law enforcement background as well. Russ grew up with many relatives in the Carpentry and Woodworking trades and picked up on these talents at a young age and has recently started making pens and more on a lathe.

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